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North Wonders' comprehensive suite of offerings is designed to both instill a sense of security mindfulness and install good habits within your population of users. The program utilizes a multi-touch, multi-channel approach to educate and inform users of today's cyber security threats. This informational component is complemented with practical, actionable tips for users to protect themselves at home and at work.

"People influence security far more than any technology or policy. Security leaders must invest in tools that increase security awareness and influence behavior..." - Gartner


Your users will be better aware of threats facing them in their daily interaction with the Internet. As they better understand actors, motives, and protections, they will be better positioned to defend themselves both at home and at work.

Simulated Phish Tests


Phishing attacks are the entry point for most of today’s breaches. This is a very popular technique for attackers as it is easy, cheap, and often very successful.

In addition to training users on this common threat, it is critical to test your users on their ability to detect and respond appropriately. Phishing simulation tests will allow your organization to quantitatively gauge its risk to this common attack. Additionally, there are other benefits to a well-run testing program.

  • Improve users’ ability to detect phishing attacks.

  • Increase users’ tendency to report suspicious emails to security.

  • Find targeted user groups that are more susceptible to these attacks.

  • Design tests to mirror actual attacks that your organization or industry has seen.



In addition to the content delivered as part of our standard offering, North Wonders offers content designed to address requirements of third-party agencies.  Most companies work with data governed by either regulations or standards which lay out specific security awareness requirements. Dealing with healthcare, personally identifiable or credit card data comes with the obligation to train staff on relevant threats.   

By utilizing common messaging and channels that the users are already used to seeing, the delivery of awareness content pertaining to HIPAA, PCI, and Red Flag is more meaningful and effective.  



Some users respond better to different methods of education.  So, in addition to print, video, and flyers we include live presentations as another means of delivering our message. The presentations, either onsite or via webinar, will provide engaging and lively content that delves deeper into today's cyber security threats and how users can protect themselves.   Below are a few recent presentations given by our staff.
•    Password Security - How to Create and Protect a Good Password
•    Top 10 Security Myths - These aren't your Father's Hackers.
•    State of Cyber Security - Latest Threats and Protections

Gap Analysis

Keeping track of the varied requirements for an awareness program can be complicated. As part of this offering, North Wonders will perform a gap analysis to ensure your company is meeting regulatory, contractual or standards-based obligations for user awareness.   

This process includes compiling requirements from the various applicable laws, frameworks, and standards. This will be compared against the current awareness program in place. The resulting document will then highlight any required components missing from your security awareness program. 


On a monthly basis, all users will receive the latest newsletter directly in their email boxes. These non-technical write ups are written for the average user with minimal technical skills. The engaging, non-intimidating language is designed to enlighten, inspire and install the skills necessary to safely operate in today's work environment.

This is done with a simple format of enticing, relatable stories and articles - complemented with practical and actionable tips. Users develop awareness of threats, learn how to detect them and are taught how to defend themselves.   Below is a list of topics recently discussed in our newsletters.
•    Defend yourself from scams this holiday season.
•    What do bad guys do with the personal information they steal?
•    Why is it critical to only use trusted app stores when installing software on your phone? 


Our standard offering includes a series of reports for leadership to help gauge the employee engagement and participation in the program.